Hi - - my name is Ben Seretan. I make music - different types, more often than not with a guitar, some singing, songs and atmospheres and installation type pieces - and in the past couple of years I’ve been more into writing, too. I like things that are long or too much or over the top or too personal or bursting at the seams. I like music that changes very slowly over time or is repetitive. I like things that like life.

I like playing normal shows at venues but I might prefer more unusual or more intimate places - recently I’ve played in an apartment bathroom with a mattress in it and at pop up roller rink in a former greeting card factory, but I’ve also played in churches, living rooms, galleries, olive groves, and once standing on the wheelhouse of a tall ship that was anchored off the coast of Maine. I am open to basically whatever if you’d like me to come play in your space.

I also like playing instruments for other people - backing up songwriters, as part of bands, on recordings. If you’d like to add whale sounds, horrible fuzzed out crunching, thick clouds of tone, etc to anything you’re working on, please let me know.

I *love* playing music for weddings and I am also available for guitar lessons / studio visits in the NYC area.

In 2019 I started a tortoise-themed label called Whatever’s Clever, a modest attempt to put out music and other things by people other than myself.

I’m also currently running a project called My Big Break - a newsletter with writing and a new slice of freshly recorded music each week.

Here are some things you might find interesting about me:

-My undergraduate thesis was a collection of short essays about Arthur Russell paired with a concert of interpretations of his work

-I once sang some of my songs at the national gallery of Albania

-I am a certified notary public in the state of New York

-I once shook hands with Neil Young

-I have a stick and poke tattoo of the Del Taco logo

-I briefly cared for a famous turtle professionally, I also once worked for a painting dog

-I briefly starred in a web series about a professional cuddler