Past the Breakers is a collection of writing published by Adult Punk, detailing in beautifully risograph-printed multimedia my first trip to Italy, a wild and hot summer filled with shows, spritzers, train travel, and hugging strangers. This book brings together my actual journal entries from the time, photos, poetry, and a long tumblr post where I tried to wrap my head around it all. It is a deeply unpretentious and unpolished read that clumsily outlines - like drawing a shadow on a sidewalk in chalk - what it means to live the life you always wanted to live, knowing that it is temporary. Copies are available at the Adult Punk website and usually at my merch table:

I also recorded an audiobook version of the entire thing with original music, which is available below or on bandcamp:

“You arrive at a stone well after walking aimlessly, alone through familiar wilderness.

You can hear the trees rustling their leaves very gently.

You peer over the edge and see nothing, no bottom, no end.

But you feel that there is something down there.

Maybe someone.

Maybe the thing you've been looking for.

You think of something to say.

Do you sing?

Do your words come back to you?”