A list of nearly every show I've ever played


March 4th, Philadelphia, PA

Candlelit Secret Show

February 9th, Brooklyn, NY


with Grasping Straws, Illiterate Light, Rookin

February 3rd, Manhattan, NY

WNYC's Greene Space

44 Charlton Variety Show

January 28th, Brooklyn, NY

Fort Briscoe

the Jesse R. Berlin Christmas Spectacular

January 19th, Manhattan, NY

Le Poisson Rouge

Recital - Brooks Frederickson's "Song Cycle"

(I provided the texts for the piece)


December 15th, Manhattan, NY

Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects

Arthur Russell cover set

December 10th, Brooklyn, NY

The Bell House

The Landlady Holiday Spectacular

December 7th, Brooklyn, NY

Gold Sounds

with Adeline Hotel and Office Culture

November 19th, Brooklyn, NY

Vital Joint

with Larkin Grimm and Ben Shepherd

November 12th, Brooklyn, NY

Union Pool

A Song a Day Birthday Showcase

with Nassau and Cut Worms

November 7th, Saratoga Springs, NY

Tang Teaching Museum

with Adam Tinkle, Powerdove

October 29th, Manhattan, NY

Elvis Guesthouse

with Carroll, Frame

October 3rd, Brooklyn, NY

Other Half Brewing

Isaac Gillespie residency

Watch the whole set here!

September 24th, Torino, IT

"Ben Seretan Day"

Sets at the San Salvario Emporium,

Show at Enoteca Botz

September 23rd, Milano, IT

Volume - dischi e libri

September 16th, Spinetoli, IT

Lago di Oz

September 7th, Vienna, Austria

Hotel Burgas

with John Silver

August 30th, Budapest, Hungary

Supermarket Gallery

August 25th, Vienna, Austria

Cafe Benno

August 20th, Santorini, Greece

Atlantis Books Roof

August 8th, Tirana, Albania

National Gallery of Albania

August 6th, Pesaro, IT

Villa 'n' Roll Festival

July 31st, Viterbo, IT

Secret Show

July 30th, Roma, IT


July 28th, Firenze, IT

Casa del Popolo

July 27th, San Martino Spino, IT

Barcson Vecc

July 26th, Apricale, IT

Town sqaure

Presented by Atelier A

July 22nd, Genova, IT

Villa Piaggio Castellettto

July 21st, Torino, IT


July 18th, Milano, IT


July 16th, Alessandria, IT

Bliss Beat Festival

May 23rd, Brooklyn, NY

Manhattan Inn

with The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman and Workman Song

May 3rd, Brooklyn, NY

Coconut Champagne at Troost

with Cantina & Eamon Fogarty

April 27th, Torino, IT

Da Emilia

April 26th, Milano, IT

Sotto La Sacrestia

April 21st, Bologna, IT


April 20th, Ravenna, IT


April 17th, Brooklyn

The Brunch Show at Aviv

with Emily Yacina, Sam Sodomsky, Boosegumps, Shoeshine

April 5th, Brooklyn

Coconut Champagne at Troost

with Jack Sunflower, Object Object

April 3rd, Brooklyn

360 Record Shop

with Eamon Fogarty, Rokenri

April 3rd, Brooklyn

Gold Sounds

with Fieldings, Due Diligence

March 17th, Brooklyn

Manhattan Inn

with Aaron Roche

March 10th, Brooklyn

Pete's Candy Store

with Quarterly, Nick Podgurski

March 4th, Brooklyn


with Port St. Willow, Wildest Smiling Faces

March 1st, Brooklyn

Coconut Champagne

with Mart Z, Ethan Woods, Brooks Frederickson

and DJ Skate Key

February 19th, Brooklyn

C'mon Everybody

with Field Guides, Flat Mary Road, Rose Blanshei

February 2nd, Brooklyn

Coconut Champagne at Troost

with Sean Kash, Quarterly, DJ Way Jells

January 29th, Manhattan

the Greene Space / Ecstatic Music Festival

with TIGUE + Man Forever

January 4th, Brooklyn

Coconut Champagne at Troost

with Matt Evans, Sarah Goldfeather, Robbie Bowen

January 3rd, Brooklyn

Theban Plays fundraiser

with Jo Firestone, Becca Kaufman, DJ Jackson Randall



December 8th, Brooklyn

Knitting Factory

with Evan Dando

December 1st, Brooklyn

Coconut Champagne at Troost

with Free Advice

November 28th, Brooklyn

C'mon Everybody

with Creamside

November 7th, Seattle, WA

Cafe Racer

with Jesse Hughey, Kevin Blanquies, and Leviathan Worship Service

November 6th, Portland, OR

Turn! Turn! Turn!

October 27, Brooklyn

Coconut Champagne at Troost

Over the top Tom Petty cover set

October 17th, Bard College

Root Cellar

with Mal Devisa

October 6th, Brooklyn

Coconut Champagne at Troost

with Field Guides

with Jesse Hughey, Aboriginal Flowers, and weatherexposed

September 4th, Philadelphia

the Pharmacy

with Half Waif, Shannon Moser, Willow Talk

September 3rd, Queens

Trans Pecos

with Gospel of Mars, Ohioan

August 26th, Manhattan

the Cake Shop

with Leaping, Um Are, Operator

August 13th, Brooklyn

the Living Room

with Adeline Hotel

Live excerpt here.

August 1st, Brooklyn

Baby's All Right

with Zulli, Steady Sun


A bunch of pictures of me with Italian fans here.

July 27th - Torino

da Emilia

July 26th - Padova

Anfiteatro del Venda

July 25th - San Martino Spino

Barcson Vecc

July 24th - Revine Lago

Lago Film Festival

July 23rd - Impruneta (FL)

Casa del Popolo

July 22nd - Bologna


July 20th - Roma


July 19th - Molfetta

MAT laboratorio Urbano

July 18th - Osimo

Loop Out secert show

July 17th - Marina di Ravenna

Hana Bi

with Ronin

July 15th - Lugano, Switzerland

Buskers Festival (two sets)

Video here.

July 14th - Genova

disorder Drama secert show

July 13th - Milano


July 12th - Torino


July 11th - Sezzadio (AL)

Bliss Beat Festival

July 3rd, Brooklyn

Baby's All Right

YELLOW ROSES tape release show

with Steve Sobs, Wilder Maker

Video here.

June 19th, Brooklyn

Silent Barn

with Prima, Parks, Eternals

Photos here, played on a garden riser thing

June 2nd, Brooklyn

Shea Stadium

with Howth, Oracle Room, Chimneys, Parlor Walls, Preston Spurlock Visuals

May 25th, Brooklyn


with Weird Mirror

May 9th, Brooklyn

Bohemian Grove

with Fern Mayo, La Noia, Snoozer, Yes Yes x1000 Yes

May 7th, Brooklyn

Manhattan Inn

with Katie Von Schleicher and Rose Blanshei

April 28th, Philadelphia, PA

Kung Fu Necktie

with Aleks Martray and Shakai Monday

April 26th, Portland, OR

Local Sprouts

with Lichen, Trapper

April 25th, Kittery, ME

Buoy Gallery

with Guy Capecelatro III, Footings

April 24th, Providence, RI

Art Studio Show 

with Steve Sobs, Nadia, Andy Miami

April 16th, Brooklyn

Knitting Factory

with Rokenri, Toebow, Sun Parade, No Lands

April 6th, Brooklyn

Troost Bar

Two sets!

April 1st, Red Hook, Brooklyn


Live on the air! Stream here.

March 26th, New York City

Lincoln FUCKING Center

with Middle Grey + Ginny Benson

Impose photos here.

March 20th, Brooklyn

the Cornucopia of Your Left Ear

Pop-up store / gallery / junk shop

with Synthetic Love Dream Band

March 15th, Brooklyn


the New Music Bake Sale

(I played guitar for Tigue)

March 14th, Red Hook, Brooklyn

Van Dyke Park

VALES release show

with David Moore and DJ Adrian Knight

March 2nd, Brooklyn/the Internet

Live on bel-air radio

(Archive stream can be heard here)

February 22nd, Brooklyn

the Silent Barn

with Toebow, Andrei Rublev, Skinny Bones

February 3rd, Oakland, CA

House show

with Mara Connor, Helen Mystic

You can watch a video of me sitting in with Mara here.

January 31st - Washington, D.C.

House Show (the Fresh Prince)

January 15th - Cambridge, MA

Ampersand Concert Series at MIT

List Arts Center

with Denby and the Alcotts


December 20th, Brooklyn


2nd Annual Rock n Roll Holiday Bonanza

with Field Guides, Prima, Lauds

December 11th, Brooklyn

Manhattan Inn

Piano show

with David Moore

November 19th, Brooklyn

Glasslands Gallery

with Cellar and Point, Empyrean Atlas, the Knells

November 17th, Brooklyn

Baby's All Right

Anawan album release show

November 16th, Brooklyn

the Silent Barn

Field Guides album release show, featuring Field Guides, Tiny Hazard, Girls & God

November 15th, Queens

Flux Factory

for Alisha Monypenny's opening "Deep Water Deep Water"

November 6th, Brooklyn

ShapeShifter Lab

with Mobius Trio

October 30th, Hudson, NY

the Spotty Dog Books & Ale

with Nat Baldwin

October 29th, Brooklyn

Shea Stadium

Album release show

with Bellows, Hank May, Nat Baldwin

September 4th, Brooklyn

Pete's Candy Store

(an all broken keyboard show)

August 11th, Sitka, AK

the Bayview Pub

impromtu set with Le Cancer and Ocean Music

August 8th + 9th, Sitka, AK

Homeskillet Music Festival

eaturing a ton of bands on a flooded golf course

July 11th - July 12th


Flux Factory, Queens, NY

All night concert from sunset to sunrise

July 6th, Manhattan, NY

Cake Shop

An improvised duo with Max Jaffe

with Rokenri and Ancient Sky

July 1st, Brooklyn, NY



First ever show - featuring Matt Evens, Camilla Padgett-Coles, and Kathleen Baird

with Howth, Tawny Peaks, and Pinegrove

June 30th, Jersey City, NJ


Live performance on Dan Bodah's Airborne Event

June 6th, Philadelphia, PA


Ben Seretan (and Alex Lewis) with the Bones of J.R. Jones and Psalmships

May 28th, Manhattan, NY

Cake Shop

the Ben Seretan Group

with Fayaway, Robot Princess, and Katie Von Schleicher

May 15th, Brooklyn, NY

Manhattan Inn

BLUSHING with Girls and God, Weird Mirror


April 24 - 27th
Flux Factory, Queens
with David Moore (Bing and Ruth), Porcelain Raft, a string trio playing works by Molly Herron, Shen din Shen, Jansen Cumbie, and much, much more. . .
More information coming soon 

with Alex Lewis and Nico Hedley
April 2nd, Cleveland, OH
Guide to Kulchur
with Rob Galo, Tom Orange, & Krycek (Rob Rosin)
April 3rd, Chicago, IL
the Burlington
with TALsounds and scrape-r
April 4th, Iowa City, IA
Mission Creek Festival
April 5th, Omaha, NE
House Show
April 7th, St. Louis, MO
Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center
with Greg Farough and HappyDaze
April 8th, Pittsburgh, PA
House Show
with Good Thing, Chattel Tail, Sam Rockwell Machete Champion, Somersaults, and Wreck Loose

March 30th, Flux Factory, Queens
at Flux Factory
Playing all of “Three Sisters Music”
featuring music by Dear Suzy
projections by Taylor Sakarett
and an environment/performance by Lena Hawkins and Michael DiPietro
plus more surprises, probably

March 6th, Brooklyn NY
Shea Stadium
The Ben Seretan Group
with Notta Comet, Rokenri, FANGS

March 5th, Philadelphia, PA
House Show
with Hip Hatchet

Feb 4th, Brooklyn, NY
at Glasslands
Ben Seretan Group
featuring Trevor Wilson Vocal Ensemble, Fayaway, Aaron Roche

Jan 23rd, Red Hook, NY
at Van Dyke Park (98a Van Dyke)
featuring Blue Jazz TV + David Lackner

Jan 20th, Brooklyn, NY
at the Silent Barn
Screening of DOUBLE ALASKA
Also screening: Dan Sullivan’s “Royalty”
Featuring music by Jansen Cumbie and Fayaway

January 1st, Brooklyn
at Muchmore’s
The Ben Seretan Group

December 14th, Brooklyn
A Very Field Guides Holiday Party
w/Field Guides, King God, These Elk Forever, Rose Blanshei
December 10th, NYC
NYU/Basement of Think Coffee
Double Alaska Screening
December 6th, Hudson, NY
Spotty Dog
w/Many Trails, featuring Alex Lewis
December 3rd, Kittery, ME
Buoy Gallery
w/Vales and Trevor Wilson Vocal Ensemble
November 27th, Brooklyn, NY
Double Alaska Screening
October 27th, Brooklyn, NY
with Will Stratton, Quitzow
October 26th, Bard College
with Moon Jelly, Steven K Trio, Moon Vibes, Alameda
featuring Alex Lewis
October 25th, Montreal, QC
House show
featuring Alex Lewis
October 24th, Middletown, CT
Earth House
with Big Tusk, Alameda
featuring Alex Lewis
October 24th, New London, CT
afternoon show at the Telegraph record store
with Alameda
featuring Alex Lewis
October 22nd, New York City
Cake Shop
with Field Guides, Alameda
featuring Alex Lewis and Nico Hedley
October 21st, Richmond, VA
House show
with Alameda, Houdan the Mystic, and We Never
featuring Alex Lewis
October 20th, Durham, NC
with Alameda, New Hill
featuring Alex Lewis
October 19th, Falls Church, VA
House show
with Alameda
featuring Alex Lewis
October 18th, Charlottesville, VA
the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar
with Grand Banks, Alameda
featuring Alex Lewis
October 17th, Washington, DC
the Black Squirrel
with Alameda
featuring Alex Lewis
October 16th, WXPN’s Folkadelphia presents…
Philadelphia, PA
with Bad Braids, Alameda
featuring Alex Lewis

October 14th, "Double Alaska" screening and cassette release
Walter Reade Theater, Manhattan
with Bryan West
September 28th, Roof Show, Brooklyn
with Hank May, Elana Belle Carroll, Andrea Tomasi
September 18th, Silent Barn, Brooklyn
Sunrise Series - doors at 6am
Series continues through Sept 22nd
September 12th, Wesleyan University, CT
with Majical Cloudz
August 30th, Sheldon Jackson Campus, Sitka, AK
Sitka Fellows open studios event
August 24th, Larkspur Café, Sitka, AK
August 16th, Smokestack, Sitka, AK
featuring video projections by Bes Young
July 27th, Homeskillet Festival Afterparty, Sitka, AK
at the Dock Shack bar
July 25th, the Smokestack Building, Sitka, AK
featuring video projections by me and Jarrett Moran
July 15th, Cameo Gallery, Brooklyn
with Chimneys, Fayaway, the Early
My birthday party show!
June 6th, House Show, Brooklyn
with Elana Belle Carroll, Irene Lee
June 3rd, Cameo Gallery, Brooklyn
with Chimneys, Dumpster Hunter, Glass Elephant
June 1st, Muchmore's, Brooklyn
with the Early, Meaner Pencil, and Katie Von Schleicher
May 31st, Bushwick Open Studios
in the studio of Michele Mirisola
with Chimneys
At Sardine Gallery
May 19th, Film Society Lincoln Center, Manhattan
Short set as part of a screening of the Early's "Universal Leader"
May 18th, BLUSHING at the Swan Loft, Brooklyn
May 14th, Sycamore Bar & Flowershop, Brooklyn
with Fayaway
May 10th, Judson Memorial Church
BF Bifocals presents SOUND FLOOR
May 8th, Muchmore's, Brooklyn
with Chris North and Adam Aslan Pony
May 4th, dBasement, Portland, ME
featuring Alex Lewis
with Zach Zaitlin and Old Soul
May 3rd, House Show, Somerville, MA
featuring Alex Lewis
with Skinny Bones and Personal Finance
April 24th, Cameo Gallery, Brooklyn
with Field Guides
April 9th, Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia
featuring Alex Lewis
with Port St. Willow
March 15th, Panopoly Performance Lab, Brooklyn
w/Chimneys, Benjamin Engel, Ari Swann
March 9th, Brooklyn Rod and Gun, Williamsburg
w/Free Advice
Part of Free Advice's Second Saturday series
March 4th, Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn
w/Idgy Dean, MJ Cyr
Part of Chris Faroe's Forest Mondays
January 12th, Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn
January 18th, Don Pedro's, Brooklyn
w/ChemistReset, Beasty, and Lost Gloves

featuring Alex Lewis of the Early
January 26th, Twisted Branch, Charlottesville, VA
w/Grand Banks
January 27th, the Nightlight, Chapel Hill, NC
w/Snake, Ezekiel Graves
January 28th, House Show, Richmond, VA
w/Bigg Hogg, Houdan the Mystic
January 29th, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia
w/Chris Forsyth
January 30th, Gamut Room, Middlebury, VT
w/Laura Heaberlin
January 31st, the Owla Den, Montreal
w/Head Honcho and various poets
Feb 1st, the Silent Barn
w/Trevor Wilson Vocal Ensemble, Franz Nicolay
Feb 2nd, Cameo Gallery
w/the Building, Gym,Deer

December 19th, Grand Victory, Brooklyn
with Beasty, Vulture Shit, and Glue Gun Optimism
December 12th, Manhattan Inn, Brooklyn
Proceeds to benefit Planned Parenthood
I'm playing some songs, not stripping. Or am I?
December 8th, Elena's Soul, Philadelphia
featuring Alex Lewis of the Early
with Telequanta, Savage Relatives, and Boy Scout of America
December 5th, Bard College, NY
featuring Alex Lewis of the Early
December 1st, Vaudeville Park, Brooklyn
with No Sky God, Sam Mickens, the Use, Vaudeville, and Point Reyes
November 17th, Tierney's Bar, Montclair, NJ
featuring Alex Lewis of the Early
with Post Sun Times and Geezer
November 16th, Secret Location, Brooklyn
October 28th, Shea Stadium, Brooklyn
w/Trevor Wilson and Vocal Ensemble, Point Reyes
(cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy)
October 21st, ZirZamin, Manhattan
Early show: 6:30pm
October 4th, Eclectic House, Wesleyan University
w/Oneohetrix Point Never
October 5th, Brooklyn Fireproof, Brooklyn
w/TBA September 22nd, Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn
September 17th, Manhattan Inn, Brooklyn
w/Son of the Granite State
(I played the piano)
August 22nd, Grand Victory
w/Point Reyes, Jane Eyre
August 16th, 245 Main Street, Northampton MA
w/Point Reyes, /kəˈnekt/
August 4th, 92Y TriBeCa, Manhattan
w/Icewater, Will Stratton
July 16th, Manhattan Inn, Brooklyn
w/Sewing Machines
(It was my birthday!)
June 29th, Basement Show, Burlington VT
(Ben Seretan & the Early)
June 28th, Shea Stadium, Brooklyn
(Ben Seretan & the Early)
w/Port St. Willow, Dinosaur Feathers, Mala Strana, Life Size Maps
June 26th, Meatlocker, Montclair NJ
(Ben Seretan & the Early)
w/Pinegrove, Gifts
June 25th, Cameo Gallery, Brooklyn
(Ben Seretan & the Early)
w/Pinegrove, Peels
June 22nd, Gallery 5, Richmond VA
(Ben Seretan & the Early)
June 21st, Nospace, Philadelphia PA
(Ben Seretan & the Early)
w/Ghost Light
Every Monday in May 2012
Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn
May 24th, Sidewalk Cafe, Manhattan
w/Johanna Samules (performing all of "On the Beach")
May 18th, Paper Swan Loft, Brooklyn
w/Rayvon Browne
April 12th, Bowery Poetry Club, Manhattan
w/Point Reyes
February 25th, Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn
February 6th, Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn
January 7th, Pete's Candy Store
December 5th, Big Snow Buffalo Lodge, Brooklyn
w/Sweet Tooth Nelson, Tin Armor, Pity Friends
November 27th, Holocene, Portland OR
(Ben Seretan & the Early)
w/Youth, Port St. Willow
November 26th, Beacon Sound Records, Portland OR
(Ben Seretan & the Early)
w/Port St. Willow, the Polyps
November 17th, Badlands PDX, Portland OR
(w/Alex from the Early)
w/Log Across the Washer, weatherexposed
October 23rd, Red Hook Bait & Tackle, Brooklyn
w/Rayvon Browne
September 18th, Cake Shop, Manhattan
w/Chimneys, Netherfriends, Jane Eyre
August 25th, Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn
w/Sewing Machines
August 9th, Death by Audio, Brooklyn
(featuring Alex Tatusian)
w/Jane Eyre, Horse's Mouth
July 22nd, nospace, Philadelphia PA
w/Tayisha Busay, Great Tiger, Will Brant
July 16th, Union Hall, Brooklyn
w/Austin McCutchen, Free Advice, the Read Letters
June 4th, K&M Bar, Brooklyn
w/Will Brant, Maribelle
May 25th, Spike Hill, Brooklyn
(featuring Alex Tatusian)
w/Wallburds, Netherfriends, Sewing Machines
January 1st, Silent Barn, Brooklyn
w/the Wailing Wall, Will Stratton, Horse's Mouth, Firefoot