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Philadelphia Show


ALEKS MARTRAY of Grandchildren
There is a small but noble parade marching through a set of streets familiar to you. They are holding a single chord that never breaks. The color guard is bringing you a plate of warm, chocolate-chip cookies and in your mailbox is a check for 100 dollars. You feel so good and you feel like dancing. Gently, just a little bit, to the way this guy sings.

Ben Seretan (NYC)
The next time you're asked to give a toast at a family gathering or the goodbye party for one of your good friends and you are at a loss for words, hide a tiny speaker in your mouth and play Ben's music through it. All of the warmth and brevity you're looking for oozes out of his guitar and onto the white tablecloth.

Shakai Mondai
With the right audio gear and the right conditions, you might be able to hear the crickets' legs as they do and hear the sun fading from the tiny bodies of grass as night falls. With dewy chords and knots of words, Shakai Mondai comes pretty close to that and it's great.

at Kung Fu Necktie in the party lounge